Area Orientation

A better arrival

Whether we’re there to provide pre-move counselling, or to facilitate the settling-in process: Our individual area orientation tours give your transferees and their families the opportunity to get to know their new environment ahead off the move.
With the help of our knowledgeable local relocation experts, and taking the location of your workplace into consideration, we offer a comprehensive overview of residential areas, real estate markets, infrastructure, shopping facilities, schools and pre-schools as well as potential leisure activities.
In short, anything that helps your employees to transition more easily into a normal day-to-day life in their new surroundings.
      • Individually devised area tours, specially tailored to your transferee’s personal requirements
      • Support by locally knowledgeable relocation experts
      • Overview of potential residential areas and real estate markets
      • Information on schools, pre-schools and day care facilities as well as public transport
      • Information on safety, infrastructure and medical care and institutions
      • Overview of shopping, sports and leisure facilities and cultural points of interest
      • Welcome package containing comprehensive information material