Moving away

Good service, good journey
Transferees who return to their home country or are sent to another global location by their company:
you can rely on us for organizing all the major and minor details you will encounter during your move.
Our comprehensive departure service is your competent consultant in every way: From renovating your house or apartment and handing over the keys to the landlord, all the way to reregistration at your local registry office.
        • Terminating rental contracts and negotiating with the landlord
        • Organizing and co-ordinating contractors for renovation work
        • Handing over the keys to the landlord including move out¬†inspection protocol
        • Checking the final payments as agreed in the rental contract
        • Organizing mail forwarding
        • Cancelling insurances, memberships, bank accounts, etc.
        • Ending utilities contracts (electricity, gas, water)
        • Cancelling TV license, Internet service provider
        • Deregistering your vehicle
        • Notifying schools, pre-schools and childcare facilities of the move
        • Cancelling family allowance payments
        • Notifying registry office of departure