Settling-in Assistance

From TV to car licence
Things usually don’t end with the move and accomplishing admin formalities.
We know what other obstacles are waiting for you, and how time-consuming even seemingly minor tasks can be. In order to facilitate your transferee and their family’s smooth transition into a familiar daily routine, we offer intercultural coaching as well as help in finding suitable language courses and practical support in all the matters a change of location entails.
        • Pick up from the airport
        • Organizing temporary accommodation in apartments or hotels
        • Registering your phone & internet lines (if desired) Advice / comparison of various telecommunications providers
        • TV licence
        • Applying for a parking permit
        • Applying for mail forwarding
        • Opening a bank account
        • Information on importing pets
        • Information on car import and export regulations
        • Arranging car import and export
        • Finding insurance consultants, e.g. home and liability insurance
        • Providing a list of doctors, pharmacies, accountants, lawyers etc.
          (if necessary, a list of those able to speak foreign languages)
        • List of the most important phone numbers, websites and addresses
        • Search for babysitters, domestic help
        • Help with looking and registering for sports and leisure clubs
        • Advice on and sourcing of language courses
        • Intercultural training (individual or group)
        • Phone support and assistance after the move