Visas & Admin Formalities/RWR Card

Don’t wait: Live!
Applications and other admin formalities can be a time-consuming and nerve-racking process, during which it’s easy to lose track of things. Our experienced staff will initiate all the necessary bureaucracy for you, deal with the formalities on site, file applications and guide you safely through the jungle of complicated bureaucratic processes.
As we provide comprehensive consultation and clarification of any residence-related legal matters and regulations in advance, your transferees will be legal residents in no time. During the entire duration of your posting, we will store, keep safe and actualize your documents and forms.
While we provide professional support, your employees can focus on what’s important and be exactly where they’re needed: at work!
      • Official registration of your new place of residence (in various countries, e.g. Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you need to register your new residence with the police and/or the local registry office)
      • Residence permit
      • Red white Red Card
      • Passport and visa matters
      • Work permit
      • Legalization of required documents
      • Authentications
      • Deadline checks in case of extensions
      • Application for a tax card
      • Advice and help with enrollment at pre-schools and school
      • Applying for family allowance payments
      • Registering/transferring vehicles
      • Vehicle import and registration
      • Application for a driving licence / transfer of foreign driving licences